Meet your creative team

We believe

Your wedding is so much more than an event, it marks the start of a new chapter.

That’s what drives us here at CBE. We know firsthand how overwhelming wedding planning can be and the million details that take you away from the joy and excitement of the moment. 

Our team is a group of driven, diligent, creative gals who are dedicated to creating your vision so you can stay present and enjoy the journey to marriage. At the end of the day, that’s what this is all about and we consider it a privilege to give you that opportunity while we work our magic. 

Our Promises


We’ve got you (and your vendors) back - no questions asked

Just like your bestie who you can go to for anything, you can rely on us to take care of things - no questions asked. 


we get things done

We’re here to serve you in whatever capacity you need.  


Did we just become best friends? 

If you ask our couples, they’ll tell you they came for the expertise and stayed for the friendship. That kind, genuine approach isn’t a sales tactic, it’s just how we do things around here.


here we go! Pivot! pivot!

Things happen and when they do, you can rest easy knowing our team is working behind the scenes to take care of it while maintaining a calm atmosphere.


we’re consistent, but never cookie cutter

We hold ourselves, our work, and our vendors to a high standard so you experience the highest level of service, but never an event that’s cookie cutter. 


We’re chameleons (with great taste). 

We never box ourselves in to one aesthetic because we believe your wedding should feel one of a kind. Bold, edgy, glam, timeless — we’ll never try to make you something you’re not. 

Meet our team

We're so much more than a planner, we 

will take a deep breath with you to calm the nerves

We're so much more than a planner, we 

obsess over the tiniest of details like the perfect envelope liner

We're so much more than a planner, we 

help you navigate difficult family dynamics with ease and empathy

Courtney Burton

owner, executive planner

Courtney is a blend of creative and get-it-done. Prior to entering the wedding world, she held several positions in corporate offices as a project manager. She holds a Masters in Business Management and brings that background into her process for ensuring events run seamlessly. 

Courtney started CBE out of a desire to combine her passions of service, creativity, and business together. She understands and deeply values the importance of her work and finds deep meaning in allowing couples space to plan for a marriage, not just a wedding. 

Most gratifying aspect of your work

The opportunity to watch our couples truly enjoy their engagement season knowing that we've had an impact on that. This is a season of life they are going to remember forever and we want it to be a time that was filled with excitement and joy instead of stress and worry. The relationship we have with our couples and their family at the end just makes it that much sweeter.

Favorite part of the wedding day

I could never choose just one, but my top two are the moments with our brides right before the ceremony. Being a part of an intimate moment like that reminds me what our work is all about and I"ll never take that for granted. I also love the room reveal. When our couples see the final design in real life, there's nothing like it. 

When I'm not at a wedding...

I’m hanging out with my husband (we're high school sweethearts!) and our fur babies, diving into a good book (Sally Hepworth is a fave), or working on a home decor project!

The Team

Kirin George

Associate Planner

Kirin is new to the Huntsville area and a CBE bride before becoming a friend and now trusted team member. She is married to her husband, Will, and loves her two dogs, Layla and Waylon. She's bold, and blunt, and keeps us energized. Clients love her for her can-do attitude and excitement around their ideas. 

My favorite aspect of planning is…

"The onboarding meeting with the bride and groom because they are both so excited to begin the process and they have so many ideas! It’s really fun to get to know them as people and hear all about their dream day! Then, it is up to us to make it happen!"

Gianna Hudson

Associate Planner

Gianna is our fashion, artsy girl who LOVES to travel and is great at finding solutions. She's smart and tends to know a little fact about everything! She thrives in the details and when she's put to the task, she gets it done 110% every time.

My favorite aspect of planning is…

"Seeing the couple’s vision realized on their wedding day through the culmination of inspiration on the part of the couple, design and planning on the part of our team, and the endless hard work of vendors to materialize every couple’s dream day."

Jessie Wilkerson

Associate Planner

Jessie is the newest member of our team, and a recent Auburn grad! After her experience working in corporate events, she knew that social events and wedding planning was going to be her next step. She is a jack-of-all trades and so adaptable to any situation! She loves to travel and always down for a pilates class. 

My favorite aspect of planning is…

"My favorite part is the moment when we are a few minutes from lining up the wedding party for the ceremony and each vendor is perfecting last minute details before it’s time to send them down the aisle. I always get this feeling of “it’s show time” as in all the planning and preparation is over and it’s time to get our couple married and celebrate."


Associate Planner

Sherea has been with us from the very beginning and has a Peds nursing background! As a Peds nurse, she became acquainted with high-stress environments so you can count on her to be the calm in the chaos. She is married to her husband, Weston, and recently just welcomed her son, Beaux! On wedding days, you can always find her setting tables with precision - she truly loves it.

My favorite aspect of planning is…

"I love the opportunity to build relationships with our couples through the wedding planning process. It's easy to get caught up in the details, but we take the time to get to know them on a personal level and those relationships continue long after their wedding day is over!"

Inspiration Awaits


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